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Yvan Osscini


12th International Exhibition of Art, Park Chanot, Marseille


The Black Penitents, Aubagne

Auction room, Leclere, Marseille

The Voile Rouge, Gstaad Switzerland

Business Center, Marignane

Bruno Perroy, Marseille

Performance Circle Swimmers, Marseille

The Trocade, Marseille


Gallery of Pharos, Avignon

Exhibition, St Remy de Provence

Little's Blonde, Aubagne

Colours Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands

Auction, Cannes


Carincotte Gallery, Marseille

Fair (AAF Afordable Art Fairy), Paris

Opus Gallery, Aix en Provence

Gallery Petitjean, Saint Tropez


Friends of the Arts Gallery, Aix en Provence


Osscini the man who draws upside down.

Yvan Osscini artist of Marseille, draws on his professional experience to compose paintings, blending and overlapping brands, logos, icons and graphics.

It mainly uses plexiglass but also wood and metal, and recovers them with adhesives, markers and Posca paint bombs.

He often represent faces, in which he focuses more particularly on eyes making them inhabited.

It seeks to feel emotions and knows that his work is successful when he himself is affected.




Sign painter for 25 years, he diverts media and materials with a pop art spirit without having the industrial character of Warhol or Lichtenstein.

No screen, no digital printing, each piece is unique, fed by comics, advertissments and irony.




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