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Martine d'Olivo


Painting and volumes

The cellars of the house nine Allauch

Art festival Strange, Aubagne (2004-2005-2012)

Black Penitents Regard'Art annual exhibition since 2003, Aubagne

Museum of Art Walk,

The Pallisse


"The great bulwark of Arts" Gallery Espace Castillon, Sanary-sur-Mer (since 2007)


Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain, Paris


BHN International Art Biennale de Lyon Offline standards

Beal House in Pont de l'Etoile


Martine Olivo painted in a hurry, as if to exorcise fear ... Fear of what??

She distorts, mistreats, mixes shapes and colors and gives birth to characters filled with emotions, which question us.

The carmine red nuance reveals the soft and warm sensitivity of characteristics faces.




Born in 1956 in Avignon, Martine Olivo is a self-taught artist.

She has always painted according to events of his life, more regularly since 2002.

"Agent of the Ministry of Finance, a great need for escapism, fantasy, to be me.

No particular approach, many characters which are my family, my outlets, my stories, my doubts, my questions, my best friend, my worst enemy ... need to paint, often in emergency ...

My characters reflect my doubts, my misunderstanding, my questions ... my fears.

A need to paint, to forget myself, to meet these unknown characters, which are familiar to me somewhere. "




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