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Marie Riontino


Pullman Palm Beach



Grand Prado




"Women in Motion"

  Orangerie of gallery Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions
Terroir Marseille      


"Of all the colors ..."

Espace Ecureuil



Oil and chalk art.

Marie Riontino offers its series "Regards" capture the chalk art, the gesture of benevolent feelings colorful characters.

Very comfortable with the technique of pastel and motion studies, dance studies have led to the design of fast and strong expressive characters ... also oil painter in his spare time, Marie wields the brush so Light and color emotion with a gesture frank and fair.

"I consider myself an illusionist image, I like that can not be seen ... and yet there is. Artist translates his emotions through his painting or drawing, or simply by trait. Sublime It the real ...

By meditation, mastery of gesture, his mind back to the movement of the universe. Until ecstasy. He can reach the moment of grace, I hope to share it with you." 

Marie Riontino



Born in France of Italian family, Marie has been studying art in Paris at the Plastics ESAM EPDI and Fine Arts, and then went to live in Guatemala, Brazil, Spain and Paris, where she teached art and exhibits and Finally to Marseille.

"From his Italian roots, Marie Riontino kept an admirable ability to "dance her words", accompanying them with thick and thin strokes that draw his arms and hand.

"One day, I told myself that I could put brushes in the ends of my hands and paint talking and dancing" she said.

In the family home of Clichy la Garenne, the child Mary paints and draws everywhere. Even the stones of the courtyard of the modest home. "

Michel Del Picchia           
La Marseillaise 2010




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