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The Gallery

October 12, 2012, we acted: enter without permission, the fascinating and closed world of art professionals. We are two passionate artists, with an obsession, to share the intense pleasure that can provide a work of art.

We chose a space, we found artists who touched us by them authoritarian required to create, and whose work fired us.

At the heart of the Arts, we create a place of exchange, discovery and pleasure for collectors, critics, amateurs, and above all for artists, friends, passers-by.

We exhibit accessible works, those that cause a thunderbolt, those we want to see and see again, at home.

Organizing performances, discussions and conferences, we connect works, artists and the public, to facilitate access to each other, creating unexpected encounters.

Caroline Floch & Serge Ravaut

Opening hours:

Tuesday-Saturday from 12h-19h30. 

Thursday evening until 21h.

Galerie Breteuil

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Inauguration of the gallery

The inauguration of the gallery was held on October 12, during the opening of the exhibition "Crossing Viewpoints" dedicated to three contemporary artists until 12 December 2012:

Cedric Bambini, Martine & Marie Olivo Riontino.

Three inhabited visions, three vibrating universes, three artists who crossed their eyes and their characters during the inauguration which attracted over 200 people.

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Inauguration of the gallery, October 12, 2012


Previous Exhibitions

The other dimension

December 2012 to March 2013
Dedicated to three contemporary artists:

Christophe Gol - Cassie Theogene - Yvan Osscini.

Artistic performances

March 1st, 2013
Christophe Gol - Yvan Osscini.

December 14th, 2012

Opening of the exhibition "The Other Dimension"

Dedicated to three contemporary artists:

Christophe Gol - Cassie Theogene - Yvan Osscini.

Artistic performance

November 22nd 2012
Cédric Bambini

"Steel, acids, flame, pigments and collages"

Current exhibition

A Summer 2013 - Kaza & Serrano

Until the 20th September 2013


1st March 2013
Artistic Performances:
Yvan Osscini & Christophe Gol Live!

4th july 2013

Artistic Performances:

Kaza sticks while Serrano sculpts

Rahim Najfar
Until the 31st July 2013

Gallery Breteuil introduces two recognised artists, Kaza and Serrano. They offering both alive and opposed visions of humanity: Serrano unveils souls in imaginary portraits and Kaza's ultra-urban landscape are full of invisible crowd.

This exhibition, as the three previous ones, is in a sharing dynamic around works of art that celebrate life.

Kaza's sticking arise from her fascination for megacities, their skyscrapers and various accumulations which characterize our societies. Her painting illustrate a paradox: these inhuman cities are nevertheless an expression of our humanity.

Serrano's portraits, sculptures and nude painting play with colors, volumes, light, and deliver a melancholy and striking vision of women.

The works selected for this exhibition are strange and elegant, and question us about our condition. These are 'coups de coeur' which colors and lights make us feel alive.

In the context of 'A summer 2013', on view until September 20th, Gallery Breteuil invites you to participate (actively?) to the birth of a work of art 'live', and to share creative fever of two artists in favour: Kaza and Serrano.