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Christophe Gol

2nd price of drawing of Provence, Aix Gallerist 1988

Grand Price International arts Nice 1990

1st price of the Arts and Humanities, category oil, International Exhibition of arts PACA region, 2001


"Kaleidoscopic vision of a cluttered environment, beneficial to the creation. History and news are its soil. Figurative works "visual food" abrupt and spontaneous vision of our societies. Expanding my color palette, I experiment with different techniques; pastel, charcoal, wash, enamel decoration, digital art, collage.

Large canvases painted in oil on the example of the series of "Vibrations".

"Currently (2012), I experience a more intuitive painting, falsely naive with basic geometric shapes, simple and spontaneous, figurative images shaded with false perspectives, composing the theme and give relief to the elements."

Christophe GOL



Born in Aix en Provence, his early inspirations were copies of imprésionnistes painted by his grandfather.

Without ever having school, he made his technique for over ten years.

"Fantastic in the drawings, one might say, it is above all the minutia of work or time is derision reality taking its strength in symbolism.

Everyone can discover troubling feelings and be carried away by his imagination ... "

THE PROVENCE May 11, 1990

"Many times rewarded, he says, through unbridled creativity, the power of the image object."

VAR MORNING 15 June 2004


1987 Art Cade, Marseille

1988 beautiful manor Aix en Provence

1990 Olive Theatre, Istres

1991 Sculptures, Château d'If

1993 show - Artists show artists of Provence

Expo 2002, Draguignan

2003 Competition, fréjus

2004 Expo, Saint Tropez

2005 Palais Longchamp, Marseille

2005 "Still Alive", Gallery Workshop, Cannes

2006 Cultural Center of the burning of the Haut Var, Carces.

2006 Expo in Barcelona



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