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Cédric Bambini


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Recent exhibitions

Ardent sculptor, Cedric Bambini assembles materials, ideas, forms, pigments and varnish to bring out your emotions, confronting the forces of memory and matter.

He works as a filter: in observation mode, he receives and rebroadcasts images transformed, distorted, cut and aestheticized to obtain a unique work that transmits pleasure.


"When my parents asked me what I wanted to be later, I said "designer".

In parallel with jobs that have staked my life, I acted by painting or hiding behind my lens. I did not feel full satisfaction, I could not find my place. And as Miroslav Tichý said "Paintings were painted drawings drawn. What did I have to do? I was looking for another way. With photography, I found something new, a new world.", "I wanted to complete with the same enthusiasm that sentence too...

And one day, I discovered the steel. I made a sofa with this matter which has been a revelation for me. From that moment, I could say: "Paintings were painted drawings drawn. What did I do? I was looking for another way. With steel, I found something new, a new world."


To translate his vision, his creative process goes through a tough battle with the material: cold hard steel strength is its rigidity but his poetry draws its flexibility and can not be handled the way you want. Cedric combines powerful and aggressive tools: blowtorch, plasma cutter, welder, hammer, acid ... and emotion emerges.

Always looking to learn and evolve, he experiments materials and techniques: collage, oil paint, varnishes, resins, gold leaves...

"But as long as I do not feel emotion with the sculpture, it is not over. Then it belongs to you to feel what you want freely, when I finish a work, it does not belong any more to me".


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